Custom marketing games

We are an independent game studio that specializes in development of custom mobile games. Our clients make use of our games as a unique element of their business, by which they gamify and expand their marketing content. This new way of gamified marketing is great at capturing attention, which our clients take as an advantage in communicating valued information. Whether it is new or unpopular products, upcoming events, new line of sortiment or just your brand in general. It is a very friendly way of promoting your products or services to new audiences whilst also going the extra mile for your existing customers. They have fun, they get rewards, and most importantly they buy your products feeling content.

How does it work ?

Client's marketing content is inserted into a custom-made game, which will then be published on digital distribution platforms (Google Play and App Store), available to be downloaded by client’s customers.

The customer advances through the levels and gradually unlocks specific parts of the game. These parts contain marketing content chosen by the client. Throughout the app there are other sections designed to communicate desired information

Advertisement slots are displayed in game as static and dynamic windows in the background.

Upon successful completion of the game, the customer will receive a reward according to the client's requirements (for example, discount code, winning product / service, participation in a contest or other special content).

There is also a possibility of including a leaderboard mechanism as a way of rewarding customers. In addition, the game may contain a link to the online store, or a dedicated information section (catalog, latest offer, sales, menu ...).


Plus for the customer:

  • have fun
  • earn rewards
  • friendly impressions from advertising
  • learns about your content

Plus for a partner:

  • expanding marketing content
  • presentation of commercial information in an entertaining manner
  • gamified form of content, and customer interaction
  • reaching a new audience
  • enriching the partner - customer relationship

The aim of such a project is to combine entertainment with the presentation of your product / service / business / company.

Give your customers the opportunity to get to know you from another side and bring them fun and original content. Step out of the line and be innovative. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for more information