We create custom mobile games

Enter the gaming industry with your own mobile game or elevate your business with gamified marketing strategy.

Why choose our services

Custom mobile game

Build your own gaming business.

We want to take your game ideas and make them reality. We will help you to get it down to the last detail and develop your game according to your wishes. We provide complete technical support and public release on AppStore and Google Play.

Business model: B2C - in app purchases, adds revenue, paid games.

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Commercial games

Simple and fun games that serve as innovative marketing tool. They are great at distributing discounts and other offers, spreading brand awareness and commercial information. Our games are a unique way of enriching your marketing content by entertaining the user. This leaves a good impression and thus creates ways of reaching new audiences and growing your sales.


You can play the mini game by clicking the game controller.

Our projects


Our successful project in collaboration with Vidadu and Naked Bananas - slovak comedic internet personas. The game graphic theme is based on their content and so are the main game characters, where each represents one of the creators. The game contains iconic comedic phrases used in videos. It is an endless runner type of arcade with leaderboards and players are rewarded on a regular basis.

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hero run

Escape with your hero from the chemical laboratory using your running condition and super energy with which you can tear down walls. Use your reflexes, observation and go through all the levels in which there are waiting for you uncompromising obstacles.

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space jump

Use platforms, coins and boosts to climb higher in orbit. Avoid meteorites and try to establish order by defeating enemy ships and thus establish peace in this universe. Discover the charm of a sympathetic astronaut, who needs your help and conquer the universe together by achieving the highest score.

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